Rings by Irina

Custom Rings by Irina 

Black Diamond Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Shine Like a Diamond

Diamond Emerald Ring Set

Princess Rose Gold Ring

Diamond Cluster Rings

Aquamarine Ring

Moissanite Ring

Black Diamond Rose Gold Ring

Cluster Rings by Irina

Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow Diamond Rustic Solitaire Ring

Pink Tourmaline Cluster Rubg

Sapphire Cluster Ring

One of a kind rings by Irina

Pink Sapphire Cluster Ring

Aquamarine Cluster Ring

Custom made by Irina

Cluster Rings designed by Irina

Sapphire Cluster Ring

Blue Green Sapphire Cluster Ring

Ruby Diamond Tourmaline Sapphire Ring

Teal Blue Cluster Ring

Morganite Ring

Crescent Ring

Morganite Braided Halo Ring

Leaf Wedding Band

Braided Halo Designed by Irina

Tourmaline Cluster Ring

Hexagon Rose Cut Diamond Ring

Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

Gray Diamond Rose Gold Ring

Stacking rustic ring set

Epic Engagement Ring

Art Deco Engagement Ring

Black Diamond Ring with Ring Guard

Ring Boxes

Blue Zircon Braided Halo Ring Set

Green Sapphire Ring

Diamond Cluster Ring

Teal Blue Diamond Cluster Ring

Blue Diamond Wedding Ring

Three Stone Sapphire Ring

Angel Wings Ring

Custom Engagement Rings

2 tone gold wedding ring

Pink Cluster Ring

Rose gold Pink Sapphire Ring

Pink diamond Ring

Montana Sapphire Ring

Cluster Engagement Ring

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